Known Issues List

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Here are the current to-do items and known issues for this site. Use the comments below to report any bugs or content errors. To suggest a location that I missed, please use the .

Theme/Database issues

  • Need to document all theme customizations to prep for future upgrades.
  • Red outline when hovering over a location is not sized well.
  • Map toggle button not functioning on single posts.
  • Headline text in post previews isn’t very legible. (update google fonts)
  • Improved logo would be nice.
  • Map toggle on mobile view goes to roadmap instead of terrain.

Content issues

  • Add a category for regions.
  • Fix post sequence, so previous/next works as expected.
  • Write portage descriptions on all dams.
  • Re-write poor descriptions
  • Freshen up photos

Research issues

  • Detail needed on Recreation Road launch
  • Detail needed on all Hemlock Gorge dams
  • Detail needed on Charles River Basin posts (downstream from Herter Park)
  • Information needed on paddling conditions upstream from Medway/Franklin.