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On the Charles, No Car is No Problem

Posted August 30, 2015  /   By jake  /  0 Comments

With thousands of students arriving back in Boston this week, now is the perfect time to look at ways to get out and enjoy the Charles river by public transportation.  Luckily, the Boston area has a pretty mature transit system, so there are a number of MBTA accessible launch sites along the river. In the …

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Offseason: Building Canoe and Kayak Launches

Posted February 5, 2015  /   By jake  /  0 Comments

A few months ago, the superintendent of tweeted a link to a National Park Service guide to building canoe and kayak launches. I hadn’t seen this before – LOGICAL LASTING LAUNCHES: DESIGN GUIDANCE FOR KAYAK LAUNCHES — Giles Parker (@YourIslandPark) October 6, 2014 So often, the launches I recommend are little more than …

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UPDATED: Where to rent a canoe on the Charles.

Posted May 2, 2014  /   By jake  /  0 Comments

So, you’d love to spend an afternoon paddling on the Charles River, but you don’t own a canoe or kayak?  Fret not, there are many liveries that would be happy to rent you a craft for the day. In the Charles River Basin, there are two options to rent from Charles River Canoe and Kayak, a …

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A Different Guide to the Charles

Posted April 16, 2014  /   By jake  /  0 Comments

The Charles River Watershed Association publishes a printed .  Modern editions are sized to fit in a PFD pocket and printed on waterproof paper.  However, this 1973 edition is a

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The Charles in Canoeing’s Golden Age

Posted April 4, 2014  /   By jake  /  0 Comments

In the years between the turn of the 20th century and World War I, recreational canoeing enjoyed a level of popularity not seen before or since.  In a time when cars were not yet widely available to the public, canoes provided an increasingly urbanized population with a measure of autonomy, solitude, and a chance toenjoy …

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Known Issues List

Posted December 20, 2013  /   By jake  /  1 Comment

Here are the current to-do items and known issues for this site. Use the comments below to report any bugs or content errors. To suggest a location that I missed, please use the . Theme/Database issues Need to document all theme customizations to prep for future upgrades. Red outline when hovering over a location is …

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Welcome to Charles River Guide

Posted   /   By jake  /  0 Comments

I think we’re ready to take the wraps off this site. For years, there was a blogspot blog that had some information about launch areas on the Charles, but it went offline a while back.  I’ve missed having an online resource to help me plan paddling trips, so I decided to create one.  It’s taken quite …

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